Decomposition tool






New data source for aggregate data : Eurostat.

The objective of this tool is to explain the variation of the energy consumption over a given period through a decomposition into various explanatory effects, among which the most important ones are the economic activity and energy savings. The other effects depend on the sector (e.g. lifestyles changes, structural changes).

The user has first to select the country and the sector for which the consumption is decomposed:

  • Primary, i.e.: total energy supply (without international air transport and including non-energy uses), with the possibility to display as an option “primary energy consumption (EU definition)” corresponding to the definition used for EU targets (i.e. including international air transport and excluding non-energy uses);
  • Final, i.e. total final energy consumption (without non-energy uses and international air transport, and as an option the “final energy consumption (EU definition)” (with international air transport);
  • Power
  • Industry
  • Transport (without international air transport)
  • Households
  • Services
  • Agriculture
For some sectors, a sub-sector can be selected (e.g. heating for households, cars for transport).

Several options are offered:

  • Change the period of the decomposition;
  • Change the unit in which the energy consumption variation is measured;
  • Change the type of graph to visualize the decomposition (waterfall or histogram);
  • Make the decomposition at normal climate;
  • Make the decomposition using technical or gross energy savings; technical savings correspond to gross savings with a correction of negative efficiency trends due to inefficient operation of facilities in industry (e.g. kilns, boilers, motors) or behaviors (e.g. higher heating temperature).
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