This data tool presents a selection of around 30 key energy efficiency indicators developed within the ODYSSEE MURE project together from 1990 until 2011. The indicators are presented by sector: macro, industry, transport, households and service.

How to use this interface

  • Browse the different sectors and indicators in the left hand column and click on the desired indicator to view the values on a map; two types of values can be viewed: the absolute value for a year and the average trend since 2000 (%/year);
  • To view the indicator of a country click on the desired country on the map: the country’s value will be displayed below the map with the EU average;
  • The top right hand button allows you to export the indicators values on Excel with the data used to calculate the indicators;
  • In the bottom left hand column a country ranking is displayed for the selected indicator;
  • A glossary is available for each indicator under
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