The objective of this data facility is to decompose the variation of the energy consumption over a given period into various components (e.g. economic growth, lifestyles, energy savings).

The user has first to select the country for which the decomposition will be done.

Then he has to select the sector for which the consumption will be decomposed:
  • Primary consumption which includes either gross domestic consumption or primary energy consumption (i.e. gross domestic consumption without non-energy uses) or
  • Total final energy consumption or
  • Final energy consumption of a given sector:
    • Industry
    • Transport
    • Household
    • Services ( or tertiary)
    • Agriculture

He can select the unit in which the energy consumption will be measured (Mtoe, ktoe, PJ, TJ, TWh , GWh or %) and the period over which to analyze the consumption variation. The user can also select to make the decomposition on the basis of actual statistics or at normal climate.
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